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Excited and nervous homeowners consult with a construction expert and a design expert to get answers that allow them to embark on their remodel armed with the knowledge they need to make intelligent decisions about their homes.

The series addresses many of the fundamental issues we face today when homeowners want to embark on a home improvement project:

👉 Who do homeowners call when they want advice?
👉 Where should consumers start their research?
👉 How can homeowners have the best experience possible when planning a major home renovation?
👉 What is the best way to avoid getting scammed when hiring a company to help with a home building project?

California Contractor answers all those questions while inspiring the audience to consider options they may have not even considered yet!

california contractor tv series on fox 5 san diego

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San Diego home experts come together to educate homeowners on topics such as financing, interior design, construction, and remodeling.