About The Bridge

SBMS Media was founded by Nicole Crocker, a 25-year veteran of the construction industry.  During her career, Nicole held positions in business development, sales, marketing, and advertising – always within the residential construction realm.

The companies she worked for offered services to large home builders, homeowner associations, and homeowners. This provided her with exposure to various business model and clientele, from B2B interactions as well as B2C interactions.

In her last 10 years in business, she was often speaking directly with consumers. Nicole was constantly hearing San Diego homeowners’ express concerns about “who to talk to”, “where to start”, and “how to avoid getting scammed”.  It was those inquiries that instigated her to put a plan together to educate the community.

SBMS Media is dedicated to honesty, integrity, and transparency. Nicole’s goals for CALIFORNIA CONTRACTOR are simple. Educate homeowners while inspiring and entertaining them.

“The experts on the show are not actors. If they are featured CALIFORNIA CONTRACTOR as an expert – it is because they are licensed, reputable, and are actively affiliated with local non-
profits in their industry which, in my mind, makes them the best in their field” – Nicole Crocker,